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Welcome to Angel Insights, the world’s premier free publication for angel investing.

I’m Chris Graebe, serial entrepreneur, CEO of StartupCamp, and Director of an investment group we call The Boardroom.

And, on behalf of the entire Boardroom, I wanted to thank you for joining us in the next frontier of wealth creation. 

I’m talking about angel investing.

It is hard to overstate the money-making potential of the world you have just entered.

This is a landscape of disruptive businesses, secret deals, and billion-dollar unicorns. This is a world of high risks and life-changing returns, where even $100 invested in the right company can make you a millionaire.

Sounds like make-believe, right?

Believe it.

$100 invested in Uber as an angel would have turned into $1.6 MILLION.

$100 invested in AirBnB as an angel would have turned into OVER $2 MILLION.

But Uber, AirBnB are household names, right?

There are hundreds if not thousands of other companies out there that you have never heard of that are delivering the same level of returns.

I’m talking about companies like Mulesoft, which would have turned $1,000 into $690,000!

Or Heartflow, which would have turned $1,000 into $1.7 MILLION.

Or a little old startup named Carta, which would have turned $1,000 into $4.3 MILLION.

As you can see, this IS the ultimate path for wealth generation… NOTHING compares to angel investing.

That’s why, for a hundred years, angel investing was the private playground of the ultra-wealthy (selfish bastards). It wasn’t until the JOBS Act, which went into effect in 2016, that ordinary people could actually get involved.

What we have here is a whole new market—a stock market on steroids —ready and waiting for you to take advantage.

In The Boardroom, we don’t take this matter lightly. We’re here to guide you through each part of this new, unexplored continent. In fact, we want to help you get started on that journey right now with a free e-book from Boardroom Co-Founder Nate Staveseth, 10 Secrets to Build Wealth through Angel Investing

Here’s a small sample of the rest of the knowledge you’ll discover as a subscriber to Angel Insights:

  • Which startups and verticals are primed to blow up, and where you should be putting your money. Even if you’ve never invested in a private company before, we’ll help you find your next unicorn.
  • How to avoid the brutal mistake that ALL rookie angels make (which absolutely decimates your profits). We’re not just going to show you how to avoid this bad habit; we’ll explain the winning strategy you can use to replace it.
  • How to build your Deal Flow WITHOUT the time & effort. This is the #1 thing that separates professional investors from rookies. Normally it takes years to develop… We’ll show you how to operate like an insider instantly.
  • Bulletproof strategies for finding winners. Angel investing is a high-risk business, but we’ll teach you foolproof strategies for due diligence that eliminate your stress and worry.
  • Master any market. Most angels rely on specific niches, but we’ll show you how to thrive in any vertical or industry.
  • Top startup picks and connections. We’ll give you a peek behind the curtain at some of the deals in our pipeline, and introduce you to the networks and investors you need to know.

We are truly excited about this newsletter because we’re convinced that the material we provide here could change your and your family’s lives. 

But who is The Boardroom, and why would we want to share the investing secrets of the billionaire class?

I’m glad you asked…

Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop was a serial entrepreneur who just kept taking his shots until he found his fit: the financial markets. As a businessman and trader, Bishop’s goal was always to democratize the markets. With RagingBull, he brought that vision to life, sharing trading secrets with hundreds of thousands of members.

While he was building RagingBull, Bishop was expanding his horizons to include early-stage investing. Over the past decade, he has been involved in dozens of deals and has seen many of his startups go on to IPO or have immensely profitable exits.

Jason Bond

Jason Bond was the first in his family to go to college… and the first to feel the weight of student loans. He quickly figured out that, even with multiple extra jobs, he would be in debt his entire life on a teacher’s salary. 

Bond decided to change his fate. He recognized the power of the market and dedicated himself to trading 100+ hours a week. Not only did he crack the code for winning small-cap and options trades, he delivered those secrets back to the people as a co-founder of RagingBull. Currently, Bond has broadened his pursuit from trading to early-stage investing.

Nate Stavseth

After graduating from college in 2013, Nate Stavseth became a serial entrepreneur. He finally ended up co-founding an upstart financial education company for stock traders, and RagingBull was born.

After years of blood, sweat, and tears, Nate and his co-founders built RagingBull into a $100 million company. But the real money, he learned, was being made by the angels investing in early-stage companies. Now he’s on a mission to teach as many people the angel investing secrets that have made him and his partners wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall’s parents worked hard but lived paycheck to paycheck, and he was determined to make things different for his family. When he graduated high school, he got a job as a delivery man. Within a year, he was running a business with 115 drivers.

Allan sold his driving service company and moved from Toronto to Southern Florida, where he started another shipping company, XPO Logistics. He grew that business from zero to over a billion dollars in value, secured the investment of Peter Lynch, and took it public on the NYSE. After exiting XPO, Allan became a full-time investor, helping other companies grow through acquisition, break into new markets, and have their IPOs.

Chris Graebe

Chris was a pastor with a family of five who needed to make more money to support his family. He was a successful entrepreneur, founding several eCommerce companies. Then he met Jeff and Jason and got into angel investing. Chris is on a mission to help people achieve personal and financial freedom through entrepreneurship and angel investing.

Do you see the pattern here?

Not a single one of The Boardroom came from money. We worked our butts off to get where we are.

And we don’t believe money should be hoarded. It’s our goal to help YOU make money.

In Angel Insights, you’ll have access to our wealth of knowledge. You are going to be blown away by the secrets and picks you find here. In the meantime, get up to speed with this amazing guide, Skip the Ladder…

In the meantime, get up to speed on angel investing with this amazing guide, courtesy of Nate Stavseth, 10 Secrets to Build Wealth through Angel Investing.

Here’s to building wealth like a millionaire,

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