Top 3 Barriers To Angel Investing

The number of would-be Angel Investors that exists absolutely shocks me.

Based on feedback from our members, I’ve been able to identify the 3 top barriers keeping people from angel investing.

Before I get to that…I have some recent developments to share. 

This week I spent some time in Austin, Texas.

I was down there visiting the founders of what will soon be The Boardroom’s next private startup deal.

I can’t reveal much about them just yet.

But get this…

They just hit profitability this month AND they’re projecting they’ll double their business yet again in 2020 –– Two extremely promising indicators for a startup.

But what has me even more pumped… 

Launching my latest investor training, the Million-Dollar Deals Masterclass.


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In this training, I explain the 3 main barriers keeping people from the world of Angel Investing and how getting past these barriers can open massive wealth producing opportunities

Are these holding you back?


Making Big Moves


Over the past year, The Boardroom has expanded and evolved. We are making waves in the startup world and have the attention of investors and entrepreneurs alike. 

Membership keeps growing because of the quality of our service and the caliber of deals it brings. And founders are dying to strike a deal because our group consistently brings huge funding, often closing out a crowdfunding round in one go. 

Overall, we have become a powerhouse in the space, bringing opportunities to investors and making founders’ dreams come true.

How did this all happen? What’s our edge? 

Even the Director of Fundraising for WeFunder, Jonny Price, wants to know. 

In our latest masterclass, we sit down together and discuss what’s been happening over the past year, open up about the special sauce of The Boardroom, and share predictions on the future of angel investing.

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How Does the Boardroom Get Its Deal Flow?


It all comes down to our network and track record. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with a lot of expert angel investors and entrepreneurs. 

But recently, there has been a serious upturn. Once word got out that our network consistently brings millions in funding, things got pretty crazy. We all know how hard raising capital is. So when a founder hears that The Boardroom has this new model that brings in $1 million in funding on average, they instantly want in. 

The only catch — they need to survive our due diligence and nail the pitch. Otherwise, The Boardroom will just pick you apart.


Why This Model Is So Successful


Founders just love what we bring to the table. Imagine for a moment that you are a founder looking to raise money…

So, you’ve shopped around and done your research. You know what your funding options are. Unless you have a one-out-of-a-thousand startup with a very specific business model — banks and venture capitalists want nothing to do with you

And the one VC that’s interested wants 50% of your company and a board seat for $100,000 — not a good deal

So you decide on Regulation Crowdfunding. You’ll slowly build up capital from the crowd on a site like WeFunder. You’ll raise your $1,070,000 and sail off into the sunset…

The only issue — getting eyes on your deal is difficult. If you are lucky enough to find an exceptional lead investor (with a proven track record) who will fly your flag, negotiate terms, and represent the investors, you still need to run a hell of a marketing campaign to get people in the door. You may be jumping through hoops for years trying to get the funds you need.

But wait, there’s another option. You could skip all of that and team up with The Boardroom.

Unlike VCs, we don’t ask for a ridiculous chuck of your company and we don’t take control of your company for our own interests.

I take the role of lead investor, putting my name behind your company. I set fair terms and balance your interests with those of the investors. 

Finally, we bring the crowd to you. If you are good enough to work with us, we let our entire member base in on the deal. They invest and become evangelists for your brand, spreading the word and buying your products.

On average, anyone who works with us gets $1 million in funding — basically a complete Regulation Crowdfunding round in one swoop. (Compare this to an average deal of $350,000 on WeFunder.)

Work with us — get the funding you need. It’s that simple.


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What Holds People Back From Angel Investing?


Regulation Crowdfunding has grown rapidly, but there is still a huge untapped market of would-be investors. 

Jonny asked me what I think is holding them back. Based on feedback from our members, here are the top three barriers to entry and what we are doing to break them.


1. A Lack of Knowledge

There is so much information out there. It can be hard to know where to start. 

At the same time, the world of angel investing is still shrouded in mystery. People tend to think barriers are keeping them out, like some bureaucratic red tape or their income.  

We do everything we can to dispel those myths. Anyone can invest in startups, plain and simple. 

By making education practical and straightforward, we make angel investing approachable for our members. The end-goal is to turn new investors into sharp, educated, and successful investors.


Don’t believe me? Watch the full Million-Dollar Deals Masterclass — one of our best educational training sessions yet.


2. People Are Busy!

Many of us get done with work and kids and just don’t have the time or energy to tuck into a few hours investing research. 

I talk to so many people that have the capital to invest and want to get started but just can’t find the time to do it.

We do everything we can to keep the investing process simple and streamlined for our members. They don’t need to have a degree in finance or have exited a company. Even people with tight schedules can make successful investments.


3. A Lack of Confidence

Finally, investing can be intimidating. Placing your hard-earned money into a startup takes guts and confidence that it will succeed. It’s especially hard to become a confident investor when you lack knowledge and time. 

The whole idea with The Boardroom is that we do all of the heavy lifting. This way, even new investors can invest with confidence. We put our money where our mouth is and show you the deals we invest in. Members get in with the same terms as we do at the very same time. 

Then, once they have seen the way we make deals, they start to learn and their confidence grows. 


The Big Picture: The Future of Angel Investing


WeFunder Director of Fundraising, Jonny Price, gave me his thoughts on the future of equity crowdfunding and angel investing.

He brought up the fact that StartupCamp, WeFunder, and the market as a whole has continued growing despite COVID-19. In fact, some of the biggest successes of both of our companies happened during this time. 

Even bigger than this, he thinks we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the world of investing — the democratization of angel investing.

As you all know, a short time ago only the fabulously wealthy could invest in startups. Now, everyone can join the fun. Legislation has opened the doors for all.

It has taken some time, but we are now at the point where the pillars of early-stage financing are cracking. Venture Capitalists no longer get to play gatekeeper and decide who gets funding and who doesn’t. 

Now, anyone can choose to fund whatever startup they believe in. And with the help of companies like WeFunder and The Boardroom, this movement just keeps getting stronger. Now, there is an explosion of capital for startups and every-day investors can build their wealth like the best of ‘em.


Hungry for more? Attend our FREE Million-Dollar Deals Masterclass for a dive deep into the Regulation Crowdfunding world and to find out how The Boardroom can average $1 million per deal.


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  1. What about those people who are hearing-impaired/deaf who sincerely want to invest but are constantly being left out due to limited live access. What can be done to improve that area?

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