These Startups Are Improving America

Startups Doing Good

The history of the United States is defined by the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Founding Fathers themselves were entrepreneurs in their own right. They saw the problems with the system they lived under and set out to create a solution.

Working together as partners, they risked their fortunes, innovated, and ventured in a startup — the United States of America.

Today, our problems are still being solved by entrepreneurs.

Startups are disrupting antiquated and broken systems with fresh solutions. Economically and socially they are making the country a better place and lifting everyone up in the process.

And Angel Investors are taking notice.

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the amazing startups that are working to improve the U.S.


This Atlanta-Based startup is working to improve food access and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Each year in the U.S. we waste over 72 billion pounds of edible food. Meanwhile, 42 million Americans suffer from food insecurity.

At Goodr, they believe that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue — it’s a logistics issue.

To solve this growing problem, the Goodr platform helps businesses reduce their food waste and connects them with charities and foundations to donate to.

Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks a company’s surplus food from pickup to donation. Through a simple application, the company receives real-time analytics on their social and environmental impact.

This is a triple-win solution. Companies can improve their bottom-line through charitable tax donations, reduce greenhouse emissions, and deliver surplus food to local communities in need.

Ride Health

The next startup helps America by improving public transportation.

In many places, public transportation leaves a lot to be desired. But, for the handicapped, sick, and elderly — public transportation may be inaccessible.

New York-based startup, Ride Health, has created its own transportation network to fix this problem.

Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to provide affordable transportation to and from hospitals. Ride Health aims to help patients to reach urgent appointments on time.

So far, the service has been deployed in 25 states with a ride network available in all 50 states.


GroGuru provides precision soil and irrigation monitoring systems to farmers across the U.S.

There are over 2 million farms in the U.S. that contribute $100 billion to the U.S economy each year. The overwhelming majority of these are family-owned businesses.

With a growing water shortage in many parts of the country, this technology has never been more needed.

Coming out of San Diego, CA, GroGuru enables farmers to increase crop yields while using less water and energy.

With a patented, wireless, underground system, GroGuru sends live data about root health and water levels to farmer’s phones and computers. This provides them with actionable data and recommendations so they can tweak irrigation systems for maximum efficiency.

This means more food, less waste, and happier, more successful farmers.


Millions of low-income Americans struggle to get the medical treatments they deserve.

CareMessage knows that one of the biggest issues with these underserved populations is patient engagement. Sometimes healthcare all comes down to communication.

The solution — using mobile technology to keep patients informed, up to date, and connected to their doctors and healthcare workers.

Research shows that text messaging usage is 2 to 4 times higher with low-income, less-educated populations — the same groups that struggle to stay connected to the healthcare system.

The CareMessage platform allows healthcare centers to leverage text messaging to remind patients of upcoming appointments, fill gaps in care, provide education, and allow for one-to-one provider-to-patient communication.

Keep in mind that this is unconventional for most healthcare organizations that usually use telephone or email to connect to patients.

By text messaging with CareMessage, healthcare organizations can save money compared to traditional communication methods. This allows them to do more for patients and spend less while doing it.

With this platform, traditionally alienated groups can get personal medical attention and stay educated and in the loop in our healthcare system.


Raising children is a part of the American Dream. Everyone who has children wants to give them a happy, healthy childhood and guide them towards a bright future.

Unfortunately, raising young kids can be tricky, especially for first-time parents or those who work full-time.

Miami-based BabySparks offers an education subscription service and online platform to give parents insight into their child’s critical first years.

BabySparks uses research from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to tailor a routine of daily activities that are essential to children’s early development.

With BabySparks, giving your children the best chance of success is affordable and accessible to all.


We all know how difficult and stressful job applications can be. Young professionals coming out of university, looking for their first job, or changing jobs often struggle with this process.

Pathrise offers 1-on-1 mentorship, training, and advice to help you get hired.

Job-seekers are paired with executives from companies like Google and Facebook who help to guide them into success.

Members only pay once they have been hired.

The incentive-based program goes like this — you add your resume and basic information, you devote at least 10 hours per week to job searching, and you speak with your mentor once a week to get advice and recommendations.

Once you are hired, you pay 9% of your first year’s income to Pathrise. If you don’t land a job or can’t reach a certain level of income, you pay nothing.

Pathrise is helping young Americans to jump-start and accelerate their career in an affordable, ground-breaking way.


Deaths from drug overdose have more than tripled over the past 30 years. About 21 million Americans suffer from addiction, yet only 10% receive treatment.

WeRecover addresses this with its platform by matching addicts with addiction recovery centers.

People seeking help can enter information about their addiction, take an educational assessment to understand their clinical needs, see a list of recovery centers within their budget, and then instantly connect with them.

This is the world’s first search engine for finding treatment. WeRecover is taking strides towards solving the addiction crisis in America and helping people to get the care they need.

Final Thoughts

All of these startups are doing something special that improves the lives of Americans.

They are helping the sick and elderly, connecting underserved populations to doctors, educating parents to better raise their children, and helping farmers to grow more food on U.S. soil.

The future is bright when entrepreneurs and investors can be rewarded for doing such wholesome, helpful, and honest work.

We are lucky to have the most active and booming entrepreneurial sector in the world.

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