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Shopify Toolkit Business Course

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Shopify Toolkit Proof
Shopify Toolkit Proof
Shopify Toolkit Proof

In this FREE 3-Part Video Toolkit, Shopify wizard Connor Shelefontiuk will show you how he built the foundation for 11 ultra-profitable Shopify companies that have made over $4 million.

In step-by-step tutorials, Connor explains how to build your Shopify site, which free tools get the job done, and the psychology of a marketing pro.

This 3-Part Video Toolkit has everything you need to get started on Shopify, the top entrepreneurial platform in the world.


The Free Tools to Find Winning Products

Connor will show you how to find products with a proven track record and red-hot markets using only FREE tools.


The Free Tools You Will NEED to Make Shopify Easy

You don’t need to be a developer to build a high-performing Shopify site, thanks to this suite of handy tools Connor will demo for you.


The Psychology of a Marketing Pro

Once your site is built, Shopify success is all about marketing. Connor will teach you how to tap into your own inner marketer.

Meet Your Instructor

Connor Shelefontiuk

Connor Shelefontiuk

Connor Shelefontiuk was a 22 year-old night-shift janitor when he discovered Shopify and decided to make something of himself. After dedicating himself to the platform, he unlocked the secret to generating huge profits. By 24, he was a self-made millionaire who had started 10 ultra-profitable businesses, free to travel and pursue his passion, helping rescue animals.

Connor started sharing his secrets with his friends and was amazed by their success. Now, he’s showing the world his bulletproof formula to succeed as a Shopify entrepreneur.

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