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The formula for turning hard work into consistent profits and personal freedom.

Shopify Freedom Formula is for new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to learn the secrets to building an ultra-profitable dropshipping business.

With surefire profits, insignificant startup costs, and a lifestyle of pure freedom, this is the smartest way to start a business.

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Get up and running in the $2.8 trillion eCommerce industry with the help of Connor Shelefontiuk, the 24-year-old millionaire who has built 11 ultra-profitable Shopify businesses.

Connor Shelefontiuk was a night-shift janitor when he discovered Shopify. After initially struggling, he unlocked the secret for generating huge, consistent profits on the platform.

His current record is taking a business from $0 to $1 million in 51 days.

Now, Connor is sharing his formula for success in this 9-class course so that you can create your own Shopify business. Whether you are looking to build a lucrative side-hustle or a million-dollar brand, this is where you start.

Connor Shelefontiuk

Connor Shelefontiuk

See my Latest Resultsand find out how you can do the same!

Connor Shelefontiuk's Results
Connor Shelefontiuk's Results

9-Class Video Course

Nine classes to get you from good to great.

Class 1 The essentials of eCommerce
Class 2 Creating a website that converts
Class 3 Setting up your business

Class 4 The essentials of Facebook
Class 5 Foundations of Facebook advertising
Class 6 The art of advertising

Class 7 Targeting the right people
Class 8 Data is everything
Class 9 Customer aquisition and retention

Along with these nine video lessons, you’ll also receive

  • PDF study guides and checklists for each class
  • The opportunity to join an online mastermind community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Coaching check-ins
    • Live Q&A calls
    • Additional one-on-one coaching opportunities
    • Personal attention from Shopify wizard Connor Shelefontiuk himself
  • Q&A videos to address all of your questions
  • Detailed tutorial videos for each class
  • Exclusive affiliate deals
  • Insider info, resources, and recommended tools, and an open door to a team who wants to see you win
  • All this for only $2497!

If you work hard, you will succeed.

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Complete 9-Class Course $4997 Only $2497!

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