How To Write A Best Selling Book With Chad Cannon

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a content creator. And today, thought leadership has become a required skill for leadership. In today’s episode, Former VP of marketing for Thomas Nelson Publishing Chad Cannon shares his insights on what makes a great book.

Whether you’re writing a self published book, blog, e-book, or a traditionally published novel packaging up that content well, will determine it’s success. Chad shares not only what steps to consider when publishing a book, but how to think about successful content creation.


Key Takeaways From This Interview

  • It’s never too early to start marketing your book.
  • Book evaluation is based on content, concept, and platform.
  • Every book launch has 4 critical phases.
  • If you’re bored writing it, people will be bored reading it.
  • Book titles should follow the premise/promise rule.
  • Your book’s content has to fit into cultural conversations that are already happening.
  • Consistency always beast frequency.

Links For Chad Cannon:

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  1. This was actually one of my favorite podcasts from you because of its focus on self-publishing.

  2. Sarah says:

    Dale, I’m a regular listener of your very helpful and inspiring podcasts. I really like the interviews you do and especially the book recommendations and the favorite quotes. Thank you for putting out such beneficial information for people in all walks of life. I do want to make a critical comment, though, about something you said during your talk with Chas Cannon. You spoke very negatively about a college degree and almost as if you believe that no one needs a college degree. This may be true in business and some other areas, but there are many careers which very much require not only the degree but the education attained in college. Please be careful in your advice. My husband and I are both in very satisfying careers requiring graduate degrees. Our three children have jobs unattainable without the degrees they have. We all received college educations without student loans, not because we are rich, but because we took advantage of public schools and creative ways to pay. I do agree for some that a college education is not the way to go, but for many it still is. Thanks again for your great content!


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