Wrestling With Social Good with Sarah Dubbeldam

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How to stick to your core values, no matter the cost

As a young woman, she was told: “You’re too sensitive. Just consume the media and don’t think about the underlying problematic messaging that oversexualizes and demeans women”. Even as she became the face of large marketing campaigns and her image was plastered on billboards, she saw how her skin and body was being retouched and manipulated. She realized she was a cog in the machine she had always wanted to disrupt.

So Sarah Dubbeldam made it her mission to create positive media for women. She’s the founder of Darling Media, formerly Darling Magazine, and a pioneer in refusing to retouch models in their photographs. She tells her story—the success of her initial Kickstarter campaign, to running out of money, to being picked up by Anthropologie, to redefining the business in the face of a struggling marketplace. Sarah’s strong core values cost her business in the beginning, but in the long run, they defined her brand. Listen now.


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