When to Leave Your Corporate Job with Amanda Boleyn

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She Did It Her Way founder explains the smart way to transition from day job to entrepreneurship.

Amanda knew the white-collar life wasn’t for her. Even so, she went to college, got a degree, and started working a corporate job.

But she dreamed of a bigger life. In 2012, she jumped ship and began consulting on a freelance basis with large corporations. After a few years, she started a podcast, She Did It Her Way, to help women transition from a nine-to-five job to starting their own businesses. Now, it’s not only a podcast but a yearly summit and a membership site.

In this episode, Amanda expresses why you have to be emotionally ready and deliberate about leaving your corporate job to start your business. Listen now.

“Stop making excuses for why you can’t be where you are and stop being a victim of your circumstances.”

Part of being a successful entrepreneur, Amanda says, is being comfortable with making “elective” decisions: a choice that you aren’t forced to make, but might move you forward toward your goal. Don’t wait for bad things to happen to you to make a decision—take control of your circumstances, she urges. If you know what you want, say yes to the things that get you there.

“It’s important to create weekly content to build up your audience, but it’s important to understand that that isn’t your product.”

Any would-be entrepreneur researching how to build an audience online may come across advice about giving away content for free on their websites. Amanda encourages everyone to be strategic about content creation and clear about your funnels. Don’t just start a podcast without a plan, she advises, and don’t quit your job to make time to create more free content.

“It’s all about what you do in the lead-up phase.”

Does this sound familiar? You’re starting a business while working full time at your corporate job, but you’re emotionally overwhelmed. You think that means it’s time for me to quit. Amanda would say, don’t! Validate your business idea, become intimate with your numbers, and learn how to be more efficient before you make the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Amanda reminds us all that entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly or by one who isn’t ready to get real with their numbers.


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