How Women Can Help Men Steal Back Their Masculinity with John Eldredge

Today’s culture has emasculated masculinity. We’re seeing it in the new practices of parenting all the way to the structure of modern marriages. But more than that, it’s changing the confidence, the drive, and the leadership capability of men around the world. Today’s guest helps both men and women navigate this new territory with both wisdom and science.

John Eldredge, New York Times Bestselling Author of Wild At Heart, joins us and shares his decades of research on how men can be better leaders and how women can be stronger supporters by embracing the natural man.


Furthermore, let’s not be naive about how this issue is affecting men’s ability to build a thriving business and maintain healthy relationships with those around them. In our conversation, we’re going to discuss what makes men tick, what makes them grow, and what allows men to win not only in business but in life.

Our conversation is technical, it’s controversial, and it’s powerful. So men, grab your pipe, grab your pint, and grab your cross because we’re going to man up against society’s message in this episode of the StartupCamp.com podcast.

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