Becoming A Life-Giving Leader With Tyler Reagin

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Are you a life-giving leader, or taking life and grace from the people around you?

We have a responsibility to lead the people around us who trust us. And when life flows, influence grows. That’s what Tyler Reagin believes.

Tyler is the President of Catalyst, a Christian leadership development organization, and my guest on this week’s episode of the StartupCamp Show. On this podcast episode, we zoom in on Tyler’s most practical advice for leaders who want to lead with their truest selves and be life-giving leaders. Listen below:


Do you believe in yourself?

According to Tyler, that’s the root of leadership. If we are insecure, we’ll only act like leaders we’re not. Authenticity is the foundation of trust, and when your team and your people trust you, then you can actually have an impact on the world.

But becoming trustworthy, Tyler warns, is no easy path. Leadership is hard work. Tyler outlines what makes a real leader: they sweat alongside their people, they sacrifice, they surrender their egos for the group. Above all, says Tyler, leadership requires self-awareness.

So how do we become life-giving leaders? How do we bring confidence, joy, and contentment into our lives?

Join me for an inspiring look into our purpose as leaders, businesspeople, spouses, parents and people of faith—and how we can become the people we were meant to be.

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