How To Build A Business That Is True To Who You Are

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If you don’t know who you are, you’ll be whoever someone else pays you to be.

But you can only pretend for so long.

Those words have stuck with John Emery for a long time. They helped him and his wife, Elyse, to build Emery Agency, where they guide companies to discover their true identity: not who they want to be, not what they think would sell, but who they truly are.

Knowing who you are, how you lead, and your core competencies are crucial to knowing what your business is supposed to be. On this episode of StartupCamp Stories, you’ll learn how John figured out his business’s identity, and how you can spend your life chasing your dream–not someone else’s.

Build a Business

Entrepreneurship allows you to be true to yourself, to make your passion your profession, and to live your best life.

But to be successful in this way, you need a clear, honest understanding of who you are and what the best version of your business looks like. Otherwise, you are still pursuing someone else’s dream, trying to live someone else’s life. And as we say at StartupCamp, this isn’t dress rehearsal.

On this episode of StartupCamp, John helps explain how we can know when we are operating as who we are and running our business accordingly.

But that’s just the start of what John has to teach us. He’ll also share some of his best advice from building an agency from the ground up, transitioning from a designer to the designer to the boss. You’ll learn whether you’re a front-end or a back-end leader, the one thing John tells all his new hires to lay a foundation for teamwork without egotism, and John’s rule of twenty-percent–the mark you should be looking for when you know it’s time to launch a project.


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