High Speeds, Leadership, and People-Centered Business with Tim Hafner

Life can feel like this sometimes, speeding at 120+ miles an hour with everything a blur and your heart racing.

Sometimes it’s life that flies by you. And sometimes it’s you that speeds past everything else.

Fishtail Riding School

At Fishtail Riding School, Tim Hafner provides this experience for the speed-hungry population.

He joins us on our show this week to share about his motorcycle riding school located in New England – how he got started and the important perspective he has on his students.

Tim’s background as a fighter pilot, a commercial airline pilot, a middle school teacher, and a campus minister has interestingly enough equipped him with what he has needed to start Fishtail Riding School and be a riding instructor.

In this episode we talk about:

  • People-centered business: students feel the difference between feeling like you’re trying to empty their wallet versus feeling like you are trying to maximize their experience
  • Weaknesses and strengths: giving other people and team members a chance at what they’re good at
  • Leadership: if you’re doing a good job as a leader, it should have as much impact as taking your hand out of a bucket of water
  • The balance of work and play: recapture the love! recapture the passion for what you do!
  • Qualifiers of having a great business: something you love (won’t be for the money), run with passion, focus on the people, sacrifice to give the best possible customer experience, letting success percolating out from those things

Gather round the fire for a great story and lots of wisdom!

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