Quenching The World’s Thirst With Scott Harrison

A story of personal redemption and a mission to bring clean water to people in desperate need.

Scott Harrison has lived more lives than most. He’s been a successful club promoter, an international photojournalist, a struggling self-starter, and he is currently the CEO of one of the world’s most recognized and productive charities.

Scott is the founder of charity: water, a non-profit organization aimed at ending the world’s water crisis. Twelve years in, charity: water has raised $320 million, delivering clean water to 8.5 million people in 26 nations. On this week’s episode of  The StartupCamp Podcast, Scott discusses his new book, Thirst, detailing his tumultuous beginning, his journey from moral bankruptcy to social entrepreneur, and how he’s maintained a wildly successful charity in an era of cynicism. Though he works in the world of non-profits, his experience and wisdom can be applied to any industry—big or small.


Scott is an exceptional promoter, marketer, and communicator, but the process of launching charity: water was far from simple. In this episode, he shares wisdom and advice that can relate to any social or business venture. We learn about balancing success and morals, personal transformations, and why innovation is the key to social success.

We’ll also hear his thoughts on:

  • The power of inspirational branding.
  • The importance of “going deep” in your industry.
  • Finding mentors in unlikely places.
  • How transforming yourself can transform your business.

If you’re looking to change yourself, your business, or your world, Scott’s got stories you’ll want to hear. Pick up a copy Thirst and listen to this week’s episode.


Chris Graebe
Chris is CEO of StartupCamp, host of The StartupCamp Podcast, and an AMZ Millionaire Blueprint coach. He has started multiple businesses, from app development to a digital agency for Amazon sellers. Chris' mantra for life's curveballs is "It's all good". He lives in Texas with his wife and family of five, and all his friends call him "Graebe". Follow him on Instagram @chrisgraebe


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