The Secrets To Being Successful As An Artist With Propaganda

It’s difficult to be successful as an artist. The music industry has been flipped upside down with the rollout of companies like Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify. Today, artists must hustle in different ways to make a living.


Jason Petty, more formally known as Propaganda, is a hip hop artist based out of Los Angeles. Many know him from his famous spoken word videos all over youtube. Beyond his viral videos…

  • He’s was number #2 on iTunes for all of hip hop
  • He’s #8 on the billboard charts in April 2014
  • His last record moved over 70,000 units in just 6 months
  • He has over 3 million views on YouTube.

In my podcast interview with Propaganda we learn:

  • What it really takes to get ahead as an artist
  • How to define when it’s time to chase your dream
  • How to build boundaries to protect the important areas of life

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Are you an artist or creative? Did anything standout or help you in this podcast? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m a Spoken Word Poet and a HUGE Propaganda fan! I was super excited to listen to this podcast. Jason definitely had some good pointers about hustling, work ethic, and doing whatever you can. It really is an uphill climb – the pay to plays, the open mics, the constantly-putting-yourself-out-theres… I guess in Sydney Australia things are different. But I am inspired by the attitude of that this whole artistic entrepreneurial journey is a huge puzzle to solve.

  2. Wow! Absolutely loved this podcast & wasn’t sure I would… so refreshingly honest, authentic & good info. Hustle!!! Remember why you do what you do & for whom: family. Take care of those most important to you & make space for them.

    The part about finding your worth from God & not the success of your business hit me hard.

    I think I’m hustling so hard & have fear because I’m afraid if this business fails, it’ll mean I am not worthy! Thank you!

    • Absolutely. And you may need to remind yourself of that from time to time! Success is built on many failures!

  3. Marian Davenport says:

    Very Good Podcast.Keep up the good work. Be blessed always.


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