The Basics Of Respect, In Case You Forgot With Gregg Ward

How you make people feel about themselves, tells the world how much you respect others. We live in a time where people can’t separate disagreement from disrespect. From our social media feeds to our in-person encounters, our culture has lost respect for our fellow man.

In this episode of the StartupCamp.com podcast, guest Gregg Ward reminds us of the basics of respect as we talk about his fascinating new book: The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways To Influence Without Intimidation.

Today, we travel back to what feels like childhood to find out what respect is, understanding how respect works, and how to respect others to grow your own influence.


Gregg is a consultant to some of the world’s largest companies. He helps organizations become more profitable by adding respect back into their culture.

Our conversation is enlightening, practical, and relatable.

I love hearing your feedback. Did our interview help you? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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