How Taking A Huge Risk Might Save Your Entire Life with Jeremy Courtney

Has fear ever stopped you from moving toward something you felt called to? Have the costs been too high for you to take a “leap of faith”? Or what about your emotions? Do you allow your feelings about a certain direction dictate your decisions? In this episode, we learn what it takes to find our greatest life behind our biggest risk.

Today’s guest is a man who jumped into the deep end of his heart and followed an extraordinary call for his life. Jeremy Courtney is the founder of Preemptive Love. An organization that’s digging through the war rubble in Iraq and Syria in search of hope—and they are finding it everywhere.


Jeremy’s organization is bringing peace, feeding the hungry, loving the outcast, caring for their enemies, and walking into places that most people run from.

In our conversation, Jeremy and I have a soft and almost somber conversation around his journey to this work, his story along the way, and the realities of starting and operating an effective non-profit.

Our conversation is real, it’s important, and it should cause you to evaluate your perspective. So roll up your sleeves and fight for your emotions because we’re going to wage a war on your heart, right now.

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  1. This is the most inspiring and motivating podcast I have listened to!
    Thank you so much to both of you!

  2. Laura says:

    This was so inspiring! I need to start loving my neighbour as myself RIGHT NOW! he is a heroe.


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