How To Sway Opinion On Controversial Topics With Shane Claiborne

You can be an entrepreneur without being a revolutionary. But you can’t start a revolution without being an entrepreneur. Today’s guest is a true revolution starter, a controversy master, and a man who has been able to rally millions behind his ideas, his beliefs, and his work.

My conversation today is with Shane Claiborne; an activist and doer of the heart. In this show, Shane shares his incredible story and logic on how to move people toward new ideas, back to old ideas, and how to challenge people’s thinking without being aggressive.


For those of you who don’t know Shane, he is also the author of over 10 books, the personal protégé of Mother Teresa, a speaker on prominent stages, and a servant of war zones, poverty stricken countries, and causes which need a voice.

Our conversation is quite intriguing. We tackle the issues people discuss privately but stay quiet publicly. To be honest, it’s actually one of my favorite interviews of the year.

So put your opinions, your experiences, and your patterns aside because we’ve got a show that’s going to challenge your heart, your mind, and your soul right now.

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