How To Start A Charity With Jordan Wagner

Often times, people don’t count the founders of non-profits as entrepreneurs. This is crazy to me. It’s these leaders who have to worry not only about making payroll, but changing the lives of others across the globe. It requires leadership, strategy, fanatical execution, and focus.


In this interview, we have Jordan Wagner the Founder of Generosity.org a clean water charity who’s now dug over 650 wells for over 375,000 people. Furthermore, He’s been able to wrangle a massive celebrity influence from people like Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Jason kennedy, and Queen Latifah. Jordan has also been featured on E-News, CNN, and People Magazine.

But what makes Jordan so impressive is how ordinary his story was. His success was not remarkable and it wasn’t lucky. Jordan is just like you and me. He had a dream, hustled harder than most, and built something great. But there was some magic. Jordan shares what he believes made his company really tick.

In This Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • Jordan’s Story & How He Got Started
  • How To Manage A Career & A Dream At The Same Time
  • What 3 Things Helped Jordan Lock Down Celebrity Relationships
  • How To Execute About Story Based Marketing

Learn More About Jordan & Generosity.org

Do you want to start a charity? What stood out from Jordan’s interview? Let me know in the comments below.

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