How To Start A Business For $100 With Chris Guillebeau

Has freedom been a driver behind why you want to start your own business? What about travel? Or on the flip side, what’s been stopping you? Is it fear or money? 


Chris Guillebeau has been conquering each of these areas for his entire adult life. As the author of The Art of Non Conformity, The Happiness of Pursuit, and the New York Times Bestseller The $100 Startup, Chris knows what it takes to live life with intention.

But more than an author, Chris is an entrepreneur and travel hacker. He’s been to every country in the world. Yes… you heard that right. Chris has been to each of the planet’s 193 countries.

And even with all this world travel, he somehow makes it back each year to put on his popular leadership event, The World Domination Summit in Portland Oregon.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast: 

  • Chris’s Personal Story & Success Philosophy
  • How To Launch A Company On A Budget
  • What Traits Keep People Successful
  • Chris’s Favorite Country In The World

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What inspired you about this interview? Did you learn anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great job. You both were right on point about getting started and being real about delegation, planning, and the realities of a startup. It ain’t for everyone, but for those that venture down that path, it’s the only way.

  2. Gregory Edwards says:

    I so identify with Chris on him having to do various different things and can’t necessarily focus all of his time on one certain thing. That was something that had worried me, but he is an example of how you work around how you are to make it strengths rather than setbacks. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I just started StartupCamp and am eager and excited seeing all the content that is on here. Truly an inspiration and role model Dale!!! Cheers!!

  3. This is an amazing podcast Dale, could you thank Chris for me? Especially for the part about the success story at 14:30. That is exactly where I’m at right now. I’m 21 years old an all I can think about lately is my own business: a small one for now, but a bigger one later on. I’m looking for ways to free myself from the conventional 9-to-5-model, while, of course, not missing my chance to get a University education. I’m reading, or have read, Tony Robbins’ new book, as well as Tim Ferriss’ 4HWW and your book is on the list as well of course.

    By the way, I write this from The Netherlands, just so you know that dalepartridge.com and of course this website also reaches the young, ambitious people in this part of the world. Next book on my list: The $100 Startup.

    • Well welcome from the Netherlands, George! I’ll definitely let Chris know how much you enjoyed his podcast. 🙂 Keep working hard brother. You can do this.


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