Speaking The Language of Money with Oren Klaff

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Strategies to speak to investors and elevate your sales game

How do you talk to money? The same way you talk to anyone else – you have to speak the right language. Oren Klaff, venture capitalist and author of Pitch Anything and Flip the Script, is here today to help us understand the underlying thought processes and strategies to being heard by investors. He says, if you put the correct idea into someone at the beginning of the conversation, it’s far easier to close the deal at the end.

Discover the art of the “status tip-off”, aka, how he went from mistrusting a high school student valet to handing him the keys to his car in sixty-five words, why you should show your technical competency in a “flash roll”, and how to erect a dome of rules for the conversation, to help guide a person to your desired result. 



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