Say Yes Before You Know How with Christy Wright

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The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
Say Yes Before You Know How with Christy Wright

How to roll up your sleeves and make it work in any situation

Christy Wright had a strong entrepreneurial influence growing up. She grew up in her mother’s cake shop, watching her mother tackle every conceivable problem from troublesome customers to flat tires in the rain. It’s this mentality, coupled with her strong-willed personality, that has carried her through today.

She’s the founder of the Business Boutique, which is all about equipping women with the knowledge and mindset they need to run businesses they love. No matter your gender, you will find great value in this episode today. We discuss the importance of serving your audience, no matter if you run a for-profit or non-profit business, how Christy bought and ran a horse farm with no prior experience, and the importance of saying yes to opportunities, no matter your current skillset. Listen now.


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