Remove Your Superhero Cape with Mike Michalowicz

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The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
Remove Your Superhero Cape with Mike Michalowicz

How to design teams that solve your businesses’ problems so you can focus on what matters most

If you had no money, what would you do for a living? Michael Michalowicz knows the answer to this question personally because he’s been there. He built businesses, acquired wealth, lost it all (except his family) and started over. Now, he owns three companies, with three presidents, and spends his time working on his passion: writing actionable books for small business owners. His titles include The Pumpkin Patch and Profit First, and his newest is Clockwork: Design Your Business To Run Itself.

The goal of Clockwork is to choreograph yourself, your employees, and your clients to work cohesively towards a common goal. In this powerful episode, you’ll learn about Superhero Syndrome: the entrepreneur’s propensity to swoop in and fix your businesses’ problems, instead of allowing your employee to make mistakes and learn from failures. He also explains QBR (including updated concepts not in the book!) and why your business needs to be doing the Four D’s (Doing, Deciding, Delegating, and Designing). If you’re not already scribbling away, add Trash, Transfer, Trim onto your to-do list too. Go forth, and listen right now.


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