Staying Relentless With Bethany McDaniel

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How one woman got her hands dirty in order to build a skincare brand.

Bethany McDaniel is the owner and founder of Primally Pure, an all-natural skincare and beauty brand pulling in over 2 million dollars a year. If you ask her, she never set out to build such a successful business, but you’ll quickly realize exactly how she made it happen.

Her entrepreneurial interests were piqued after helping her family’s organic livestock farm grow from a hobby into a budding, profitable business. Drawing inspiration from the natural process of the farm and her passion for living healthy, Bethany started crafting her own skincare products for herself and friends. The idea of turning it into a full-time business never even occurred until she needed to make a little extra income for her family.


Bethany’s story is remarkably simple and can be summed up in one word—relentless. Aware of the risks and excuses she could have easily made for herself, she doggedly persisted. She learned as she went, trading in mistakes for experience. Often overwhelmed, but never reluctant, Bethany took a full swing approach to making, growing, and sustaining a premium brand.

On this week’s StartupCamp Stories podcast, we’re given insight into:

  • Working with family
  • Transitioning from product management to people management
  • Identifying and dealing with weaknesses
  • The excuses we tell ourselves in the beginning

Bethany’s got a valuable take on why staying relentless is so vitally important to any growing business. You won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Great podcast, I really enjoyed this one. Dan, you sound so much like Dale, even some of your phraseology, that freaked me out a little bit!!!!

    Love your advice Bethany!!!


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