How Forgiveness and Authenticity Unlocks Business Success With Mike Foster

Over the past few years, I’ve met a handful of people who really understand relationships. They understand that people are the gateway to success. They have the ability to connect with authenticity, vulnerability, and grace.


Meet Mike Foster. Mike is a creative entrepreneur with numerous successful ventures under his belt. Currently, heโ€™s leading the team at his non-profit People Of The Second Chance. Heโ€™s written 2 books and combined sold over 100,000 copies. He’s shared the stage with some of the most influential people in the world and He’s been featured in GQ, New York Times, and Good Morning America. Mike lives with his family in Super Sunny San Diego California.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What does it really take to have a business partner?
  • How relationships can amplify success
  • The art of self publishing
  • The future of education for entrepreneurs
  • His favorite books and quotes for leaders

Have relationships been key to your success? Have you struggled with grace or forgiveness in business? Let me know in the comments below.


Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge is the Founder of He's also a keynote speaker and author of the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling book People Over Profit.


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  1. This was such a good listen. Relationships are the heart of work, and business. I recently listened to the audiobook of Boundaries for Leaders by Cloud and Townsend, and it has been game changing for me. One of the things they say in there is that ‘ the people are the plan’ I think that can really be a shift in the way leaders approach getting things done.

  2. Austin Clark says:

    Hey Dale, What course did you take that was 12 months? You talk about it around 16:00 Minute mark.


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