How To Quit Your Career And Create Your Calling With Ken Costa

Have you ever been in a meeting with someone and immediately realized you were the dumbest person in the room? That’s what happened to me during my interview with today’s guest.

Ken Costa is one of those people you google after a conversation only to realize you just spoke to someone who made a dent in the world. And today, we get to make a dent in your dreams as we discuss creating your calling.

Ken is an investment banker who spent decades building million dollar deals. He’s a man who called Nelson Mandela a friend and he’s helped kings, queens, and royalty support the causes they care about most. But today, he’s helping the younger generation find their purpose at work. In our interview, we’re going to be discussing his new book: Know Your Why: Finding and Fulfilling Your Calling in Life

Our conversation is packed with wisdom, meaningful conversation, and beautiful ideas I’ve never even thought about. If you’d like to learn more about Ken, you can watch his bio video here.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel like this is exactly the message I was supposed to and needed to hear today.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      These are my favorite kind of comments. 🙂

  2. Arno says:

    Hi Dale
    I am from South Africa and have been listening to your podcasts for a long time now. I also read your book People over Profit and I absolutely love the way you think.
    I need some advice. I studies finance and then followed with a theology degree. I then started working in ministry for about 10 years where I then left ministry for the financial world for many reasons. My current working environment is soul crushing.
    Should I be content with where I am or should I move along, maybe back to ministry and start my own thing…I don’t know.
    Love everything you do. Thanks for always inspiring

    • Thanks for the kind words, Arno! Glad you’ve found inspiration here. I encourage you to meet with someone who knows you well to help you determine what your next steps ought to be. Share what’s on your heart and mind. I wish you well! Keep crushing.

  3. Stirling Ruuth says:

    I just started a new “season” of my life and started doing the whole entrepreneur thing. One of the big lessons I have learned lately is that moving into a new season or phase in your life can mean that you have to let go of people you truly want in your life but have to let go because your paths no longer converge even though they were so pivotal to you starting your new season or phase. I loved this podcast. Thank you for all you do. Your Instagram is incredible as well!

  4. Hello Dale,

    I’ve appreciated so many of your posts since I found your site, and followed you on FB, and I’ve sent some of your quotes out on Twitter and to friends, giving you credit, of course!

    I really appreciated this post. I wrote a book, released in May, that has a similar theme…https://www.amazon.com/Choose-Your-Purpose-Love-Life/dp/1530423767

    I would be honored if you have interest in reading. If so, I can send you a PDF of the final edit, no cost to you of course. I would love to have your opinion. I think I have a unique message.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    Sheila Gibson

  5. Collin Szmyrgala says:

    Hi Dale, I am a startup camp “camper” born in South Africa living in Canada. This was a brilliant conversation to listen in on. Permission to change hit me hard. We all sense that we have a calling and an ability to make an impact. Finding fulfillment is a common problem I share with too many friends that are “chasing” their calling. We read all the books, follow the mentors, and even during startup camp thus far, have changed the direction of the dream due to “limitations” or lack of confidence in my calling. Listening to Ken and yourself has clarified so many hurdles I currently face. Ready for the courage step. Thank you for yet another great podcast. – Collin

    • Hey Collin! Thanks man. Glad you loved it. He was so interesting.


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