How To Properly View Masculinity and Male Leadership with Lewis Howes

While much of the media is focused on the “attack on women”, many of us miss the hard reality facing men today. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen a reduction in honorable, integrity-driven, servant-focused men. In this episode, we’re going to discuss this change and how it relates to leadership in the workplace.

Today, we’re going to be talking to my friend Lewis Howes about his take on the topic in his new book: The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships and Live Their Fullest Lives

Lewis is a New York Times bestselling author and his work has been featured on just about every media outlet on the planet. Lewis is also the host of The School of Greatness, a top 100 podcast on iTunes.

Today’s interview is conversational, practical and useful for understanding the obstacles men are facing in today’s culture. So grab your man-beard, a little vulnerability, and some burlap tissue because we’ve got a beautiful man show for you on the StartupCamp.com podcast.

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  1. Clayton Weber says:

    I’ll be honest, I picked this podcast with the initial hope of “yes! let’s hear some encouragement for masculinity in the workplace.” Then I heard the “be vulnerable” statement and instantly wanted to write Lewis off as an egalitarian. Thankfully, I actually listened to the podcast to see I was very wrong.

    Well done Lewis on your journey! I really like that perspective of “looking someone in the eyes”.

    • Joe Kabes says:

      Hello Clayton,
      Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts of this piece. I applaud you for keeping an open mind throughout when others possibly would have stopped listening after having that initial impression.

  2. Amazing podcast. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mulling over my own writings about this subject. I put out something back in March about it, but with Dale and Lewis I feel even more like I need to share my voice as well.
    Thanks for reminding us it’s okay to men.

    • Ben Sturgill says:

      You’re welcome Jase. I’m so glad you liked it. It is ok to be a man and I’m so glad you doing the hard work of mulling over your thoughts on this very important subject and even more so that you are adding your voice to the conversation. Keep it up.


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