Making The Jump To Professional Photographer

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What separates a professional photographer from an amateur?

The courage to jump in, over and over.

That’s what our newest coaches, Jenn Wilson and Charla Storey, have to teach us. They’re the two beautiful voices sharing their journeys from photography enthusiasts to thriving creative entrepreneurs on this episode of StartupCamp Stories. Listen below.

And you can get everything you need to become a professional photographer and open your own part- or full-time photography business in Jenn & Charla’s StartupCamp course, Develope.

Making the Jump to Professional Photographer

These days, it seems that everyone is an amateur photographer. But making that your career or profitable side-business is a whole different ball game.

Jenn and Charla have been there. Both of them faced make-or-break moments, and they chose to jump in with both feet. On this inspiring podcast episode, you’ll get to hear from them firsthand how they navigated the pitfalls and challenges of becoming professional photographers and creative entrepreneurs.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why photography “finds you”, not vice versa
  • What it’s like to capture people’s joy for a living
  • Why photography isn’t just fun, it’s important
  • The biggest challenges Jenn & Charla faced
  • How to take the first step to turn pro

This episode is packed with business advice and personal wisdom. Both Jenn and Charla faced high obstacles on their way from enthusiast to pros. They overcame them, and you can, too. That’s exactly why they created their StartupCamp course, Develope.

Let Jenn and Charla guide you to accomplishing your dream of becoming a professional photographer. Learn more here.

Starting your own business is one click away

If you’re ready to begin this exciting journey, enroll in one of our courses and get started!



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