The Value Of Personality Typing: The Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile

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Not many things are more valuable than knowing yourself. Equally as important? Understanding others.

As entrepreneurs, we are told to find problems to make products for, and here at StartupCamp we teach you to find a million people to help instead of trying to make a million dollars. To do that, you have to understand people! With so many personality variations out there, that can be a tough task.

Suzanne Stabile joins us on the show to teach us about a personality typing system that is not-so-new but recently a very hot topic: the enneagram. If you haven’t heard of the enneagram, it breaks down personalities into nine different categories, each with a healthy version (assets) and an unhealthy version (liabilities) of itself.

The difference, she says, between the enneagram and other personality typing systems is that you can do something with the enneagram: you can effectively change ineffective behavior.

In the pursuit of our passion-driven businesses, we can often be our own worst enemy. We can’t get out of our own way sometimes. But by knowing yourself–and your customers and your employees–navigating the people part of work can be much easier when viewed through the lens of personality.

Suzanne shares her insights from 25 years of studying, teaching, and experience with the enneagram system. In this episode, we talked about:

  • The nine personality types
  • Personalities as children
  • What these personalities look like in the workplace and as entrepreneurs
  • The impact of understanding these personalities can have in the workplace
  • What healthy and unhealthy personalities look like

Suzanne is the author of The Road Back To You and most recently The Road Between Us, two books that take a clear and in-depth look at the enneagram. You can use the promo code STARTUP at checkout for 25% off of these books when purchased on the LTM website (for the next two weeks). If you are also interested in learning more about Suzanne and where you could hear her teach, visit her on her website.

Enjoy this episode! It could be life- or business-changing!

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