Overcoming Perfectionism With Alexis Busetti

Waiting for everything to be “just right”?

Then don’t expect to get very far, says Alexis Busetti. That perfectionism is holding back your business.

Alexis and her husband Seth Busetti started a financial coaching and advocacy business called Cistern and Grove. Like so many of us, Alexis’ greatest entrepreneurial challenge was overcoming her own Type-A Personality.

Alexis found the courage try new ideas and make peace with organized chaos. If you need a little inspiration to “just jump,” look no further than this episode of StartupCamp Stories.

On this episode, you’ll learn how to overcome black-and-white thinking, financial must-haves from a financial coach, why your “last run” is always the most important, and how Alexis manages to be both a part-time pro and a part-time homeschooling mom of four adorable children.





Ben Sturgill
Ben Sturgill is the host of StartupCamp Stories, as well as a Business Bootcamp coach and CMO for StartupCamp. He is also a college minister and founder of several businesses. Ben has a passion for helping people and businesses grow and thrive.


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