How One Couple Escaped The Corporate Grind Through Online Courses

Do you have something to teach?

Sarah and Dillon King think so.

That’s why they started Launch, an online course that teaches people how to create and market their own online courses.

The Kings are our guests on this episode of The StartupCamp Podcast. They turned to entrepreneurship because they wanted to spend more time with their young children. Their success gave them financial independence and family time.

Listen now to learn how they did it, and how online courses could become your thing, too.

online course

When Sarah and Dillon King decided to start their own business, they didn’t have any previous entrepreneurial experience. At first, it was a bumpy ride. But they learned constantly, and eventually came to a realization: everyone has something to teach.

It was that realization that gave birth to Launch.

Now, Launch is a seven-figure business that runs on autopilot.

On this podcast episode, you’ll learn how Sarah and Dillon pulled off this huge success and began to live their dream life. You’ll also learn:

  • How Sarah and Dillon fuel their business and their marriage
  • The benefits of monetizing your unique talents
  • What questions to ask yourself as you get started

Financial freedom might be easier than you think. Listen now and subscribe!


Chris Graebe
Chris is CEO of StartupCamp, host of The StartupCamp Podcast, and an AMZ Millionaire Blueprint coach. He has started multiple businesses, from app development to a digital agency for Amazon sellers. Chris' mantra for life's curveballs is "It's all good". He lives in Texas with his wife and family of five, and all his friends call him "Graebe". Follow him on Instagram @chrisgraebe


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