From Diesel Mechanic To CMO with Nic Comanici

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Nic Comanici was lying on his back under the engine of a school bus in the middle of a Pittsburgh winter, snowmelt and salt dripping into his face, when he decided to change his life.

Three businesses later, Nic is the CMO of Carney, the founder of Tactics Not Hacks, and one of the newest coaches in the StartupCamp+ program.

Nic is an entirely self-taught entrepreneur, and his story is a powerful reminder that entrepreneurial success is all about mindset and determination.

Nic Comanici - mindset

So much of entrepreneurship is a process of learning to teach yourself, and there isn’t a better model than Nic. On this episode, you’ll learn his simple rule to educate yourself with free resources and how he made time in his life to do it.

Many of the most important lessons Nic learned were from his experience working blue collar jobs and from his father, who was an auto mechanic. Too often, capable people talk themselves out of starting their own businesses because they’re convinced that they need some kind of degree or diploma. But any kind of honest hard work can be a strong foundation for entrepreneurship if we know how to apply the lessons.

Finally, Nic will share his recipe for balancing a full-time job with a thriving part-time business, and how he still makes time for his family and his life.

We’re lucky to have Nic as a StartupCamp Counselor and a StartupCamp+ Coach. He has invaluable knowledge to share in the world of social media, digital marketing, management, and, above all, grit.

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