How To Love Rest As Much As You Love Work With John Mark Comer

Having a healthy relationship with your work can save your life. In this episode, author John Mark Comer helps us correct our thinking about the meaning and balance of work.

John Mark is the Pastor at Bridgetown Church in downtown Portland, Oregon. He’s the author of multiple books and known for his ability to communicate a point with clarity and emotion.


Our interview is smart, it’s fun, and it’s convicting. If anything stands out or if you have something to add to the conversation, let me know about it in the comments below.

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  1. Mae Golden says:

    You know, I really appreciated some of the comments made in the podcast today, specifically about not finding your purpose for a few decades and the affects of having a Sabbath. I have felt that I am running out of time or at least running to catch up. I am over 50 and did not enter the professional arena until I was 39. I chose to stay home (or close to it) until my kids entered high school. No regrets here, until I compare myself to my peers. The comments here today were encouraging. Thank You!

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Dale,

    Loving the podcasts. I’ve been listening for about a year (I think!) and my wife has just quit her job to follow her dream of being a travel writer. Your podcasts and blogs are really helping her and me keep focused on the goal of doing something that matters and doing something she enjoys, rather than just focusing on the money.

    Keep up the good work



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