Landing a Deal on Shark Tank (with $5 in the Bank) With Liz Martin

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How Liz Martin listened to her gut and landed a deal on Shark Tank

Liz Martin was at her wit’s end when it came to combing her daughter’s’ hair. Necessity being the mother of invention, Liz literally tore up a teddy bear and inserted a hairbrush—and Tangle Pets was born.

Knowing her family was six months away from financial trouble, Liz put together an unusual action plan to realize her dream of making Tangle Pets a real business. A year later, she landed a deal with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank with only five dollars to her name.

In this episode, Liz details her incredible journey and the importance of acting on your intuition when everyone around you believes you’re on the wrong path.

Liz Martin -Landing a deal on Shark Tank

“You know what you know, and no one else needs to know.”

Liz has an incredibly strong moral compass that guides her decisions—even when they might seem strange or ill-advised to others. As she points out, outsiders don’t have the full picture and they don’t always know what’s best for you. Whether it’s going on a game show to raise capital, or building a relationship with a Chinese manufacturer, she takes a leap of faith when her gut tells her “yes”. Liz accepts the consequences of each risk, knowing they will provide valuable lessons if everything goes south.

“What did you do with your day today?”

Liz’s brother gave her the push she needed to turn Tangle Pets into a real business. His ‘simple’ approach of action and reflection each day ensured that she made time to move her business forward, especially when money was tight.

Full of life and love, we are blessed to have Liz share the highs and the lows of her entrepreneurial journey.

You can get in touch with Liz right here: Lizzys-light.com

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