How To Know If You’re An Emotional Infant Or Mature Adult with Pete Scazzero

The biggest threat to our world isn’t uneducated leaders, it’s immature leaders. Today’s guest shares how you can identify your own emotional maturity and safeguard against the brokenness that could be holding you back.

Pete Scazzero believes you can only be as successful as you are emotionally mature. Meaning you can’t disconnect the relationship between influence and wealth building and your ability to control your emotions, make wise decisions, and maintain a healthy mental perspective on life.


Personally, Pete is one of my favorite authors and he’s also someone I look to for direction on building character strong enough to lead my family, my followers, and my dreams.

Today, we’re discussing Pete’s new book The Emotionally Healthy Leader where he teaches people how to go from emotional infants to thriving, mature adults. But more than that, he shares fascinating stories and strategic steps on how to become more aware of our own emotional state.

Our conversation is deep, it’s useful, and it’s one that will cause you to evaluate your story, your maturity, and your leadership ability. I hope you enjoy it.

Was this episode helpful? What has helped you grow emotionally? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. wonderful as always! and to answer your question… STARTUP CAMP and all your brand entails! especially all the books and podcasts! love getting educated by world class people:)

  2. Adrian Rogers says:

    (H.) This is so great! Such seriously good content. Life changing stuff. So excited to hear this. So encouraging! “God wastes nothing!”

    • Adrian Rogers says:

      (H.) My word for this year is “Endurance” … count it all joy! … It’s a joyful thing!

  3. Em says:

    This is a great discussion and as a psychologist I am in total support and appreciation of tending to our inner selves. I’ve listened to it twice now so that I can hear all that it has to offer. However, did Pete get to discuss his fourth pillar or did I miss it? Thank you for providing such interesting, relevant and provocative material!

    • Hahah, that might be the case, Em! Sometimes that happens in conversation. 🙂


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