How to Create Perfect Customer Experiences (and Find Your Yellow Tux) With Jesse Cole

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How can you stand out from the crowd?

Whatever’s normal, do the opposite.

That’s the advice of Jesse Cole, founder of Fans First Entertainment, author of Find Your Yellow Tux, and Owner of the Savannah Bananas, an amateur baseball team.

Jesse and his team have done something incredible with the Bananas; selling out their 2017 and 2018 seasons by completely transforming the baseball business model. Jesse himself is a kind of spectacle, wearing a banana yellow tuxedo and top hat to work every day.

Jesse’s mantra is all about putting fans first and standing out from the crowd, a must for any new or growing business. Learn all about Jesse’s tricks and tactics for getting attention, creating the perfect customer experience, and leading a winning team on this podcast episode. Listen now.

Perfect Customer Experience

What could you possibly learn from a man in a yellow tuxedo?

A lot, it turns out. Remember that the success of the Savannah Bananas has been pretty incredible. They’re not even technically a minor league baseball team (they’re a “wood-bat” collegiate summer league team), and they’re still selling out every game.

Jesse’s approach to business is all about creating a perfect customer experience, standing out from the crowd, and building a team based on real love. In this fun and interesting conversation, you’ll learn about some of the wacky tactics that Jesse has used to gain eyeballs (just take a guess at what the “Banana Nanas” are) and, more importantly, the mindset he used to generate them.

But, Jesse’s rise to success hasn’t been all sunshine and bananas. Before the Savannah Bananas hit a grand slam, they were striking out. Jesse and his wife, actually, sold their dream home to finance their unconventional business.

They made it, and so can you. With Jesse’s advice on PR, personal communication, and customer experience, you can create your own stand-out company and make waves.


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