Viral vids, celebs with character, and a new hotel to change the world: In conversation with Jeremy Cowart.

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Don’t let the unknown hold you back.

How many times have you been struck with a new, exciting idea and thought, “I should turn this into a business. It could change the world,” only to convince yourself that you don’t have the right skills, time, or resources to get it off the ground?

Eureka moments are the fuel to the entrepreneurial fire, but those flames will die fast if you don’t stoke them with some good, old-fashioned “belief.”

This week’s guest on The StartupCamp Podcast is Jeremy Cowart. You might know him as one of the world’s most influential photographers, but what you may not know is that he is also in the midst of building—literally—a new hospitality franchise, The Purpose Hotel. Jeremy shares with us how he turned his eureka moment into a reality by believing in himself and the idea.belief

Jeremy has photographed some of the world’s most recognized and celebrated artists, actors, musicians, and athletes, so his creative eye and mind are finely tuned. After realizing that there is great potential for hotels to have a greater impact on the world, he quickly got to work. The mission is bold and innovative, and has seen its share of challenges, but Jeremy has never stopped believing that it will succeed. This conversation covers a lot of ground, including:

  • Allowing yourself to be inspired
  • Staying genuine on social media
  • The power of kindness and character
  • Finding the peanut butter to your jelly

Every bold step requires belief, both in the ideas and in yourself.  Check out this week’s episode and start turning your big ideas into bigger realities.


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