Implementing A Word Of Mouth Strategy with Jay Baer

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How to create long-lasting buzz for your business and turn your customers into salespeople

Back in the early days of the internet, Jay Baer served as the vice president of marketing for an internet company without really knowing what the internet was. He sold Budweiser dot com for fifty cases of beer. He went on to found five multi-million-dollar companies and write six New York Time Bestselling books, including Talk Triggers.

Jay teaches that to create natural buzz and interest in your business, you must do something operationally different that makes your customers rave about their experience with you. A gimmick – but not just any gimmick – one that relates to your customer and is relevant to your business. You want your customers to tell their friends, “So the coolest thing happened to me today…”

Jay explains the difference between talk triggers and going viral, the golden handcuffs that might be keeping you at your day job, and why competency doesn’t create conversation.



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