I’m Just Going To Get It Done With Christine Outram

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I’m Just Going To Get It Done With Christine Outram

I’m just going to get it done with Christine Outram


Originally hailing from Australia, Christine Outram came to California with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating and overseeing businesses and projects. She jointly holds a patent for the development of the Copenhagen Wheel (turns your regular bike into an electric bike), has done app development for cities, and worked for years at an ad agency. Now, she’s turned her eye on the education market with Everydae, an app that helps high schoolers develop better study habits.

Check out Everydae’s round on WeFunder here: https://wefunder.com/everydae

In this episode, Christine discusses the benefits of working in multiple industries and why angel investing appeals to her (spoiler alert, it’s not just about the money). Listen now.



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