How To Sell On Amazon With Jamie Vie

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How do you build a million-dollar business selling on Amazon?

With hard work, fast learning, and maybe a little wisdom from our guest this week, e-commerce expert Jamie Vie. Jamie got his start sourcing products and selling on Amazon on nights and weekends. In a few months, he was able to leave his stable but stressful corporate job and begin his new life as an entrepreneur.

Jamie is a business coach, an e-commerce expert, and one of the newest leaders at StartupCamp. Along with Chris Graebe, he’s teaching entrepreneurs the art of selling on Amazon in StartupCamp’s new e-commerce course, AMZ Millionaire Blueprint. He’s also our guest on this this week’s episode of StartupCamp Stories. He’s here to shares some of the key lessons he learned building a million-dollar e-commerce business from home.

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Jamie Vie wasn’t always an entrepreneur. He had climbed the ranks and was working a job he loved, until a change in the industry turned his career into a corporate nightmare. He started selling on Amazon in his free time as a way to explore secondary income streams. In three months, he was turning a profit. Shortly thereafter, he left his daily grind and had started his new life as his own boss.

And now he’d like to teach you to do the same thing.

Jamie’s knowledge expands way beyond merely selling on Amazon. On this podcast episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How to anticipate your product’s life-cycle
  • The story behind Jamie’s nearly disastrous fling with Fidget Spinners
  • The real benefits of creating standard operating procedures and business collateral
  • How to manage outsourced help
  • Why getting uncomfortable is one of the best things you can do in business

Jamie’s message to entrepreneurs is: start now. Whether you want to be sourcing products and selling on Amazon, or you’re looking for some sage advice to help you take bold action, we know you’ll get a lot out of our conversation.

Starting your own business is one click away

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  1. S.Green says:

    I am looking forward to starting my own Amazon FBA business in the very near future,and would like to hear more from Jamie.


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