How To Question The Life You Thought You Wanted With Shannan Martin

I was so intrigued by the subtitle of our guest’s new book, “Rescued From The Life I Always Wanted”. What did it mean? What was her story?

Today, Shannan shares her story of how personal conviction called her out of the “good life” and into her dream life. A story filled with risk, confusion, and counterintuitive decisions.


Shannan’s story is convicting. It will make you question what you’ve always thought was success. It will challenge how you think about achievement, wealth, relationships, and culture. Our conversation is progressive and toward the middle of our interview, Shannan drops some powerful ideas that are difficult to swallow.

You can read her entire story in her new book “Falling Free Rescued From The Life I Always Wanted“. If her story has impacted you or made you question success, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Miranda Schmitt says:

    I love the idea of questioning the idealist future we have planned for ourselves.. it’s something I struggle with of being contradicting to my family’s beliefs of success compared to my own. This podcast definitely helps me realize there’s much more to a simplistic success than just the idealistic views that I have been brought up on. Love this podcast!!

  2. Mae Golden says:

    “Trust what you know now.” That is such a profound statement. When trouble hits we are often bombarded by the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘how comes’. We total forget what we already know for sure. Great reminder! Thanks, Shannon and Dale!


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