How to Launch an Apparel Brand with J.B. Reynolds

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Get scrappy, fire up social, and launch without spending a fortune.

Do you want to launch your own brand?

It might seem crazy to step into a marketplace crowded by global titans like Nike and H&M. But Air Force veteran-turned-entrepreneur J.B. Reynolds is showing us how to launch an apparel brand with BeneFIT Medical Apparel.

J.B. saw a gap in the marketplace for better fitting, higher quality scrubs (a $60 billion global industry) and attacked it.

On this podcast episode, J.B. explains how—with a social media ground-game and a scrappy pre-launch strategy—you can start a thriving company on a tight entrepreneur’s budget.

Check out the podcast below to learn how J.B. made it happen, and don’t forget to subscribe!

launch an apparel brand

“You can start a business in a week and get it rollin’ if you just know who to talk to or you know what you’re doing.”

That’s what J.B. Reynold’s says. That’s because this is the golden age of entrepreneurship—there have never been more tools or knowledge freely available for entrepreneurs. Instead of hiring a full team — a huge investment for a scrappy startup  — you can just download 10 apps.

Developing an Entrepreneur’s Mindset

J.B.’s journey from the Air Force, to pharmacy school, to the CEO of an apparel brand, is an exciting one. At every step of the journey, he was forced to solve problems he’d never encountered before–from designing a scrub pattern (a blueprint for making clothes) to finding a manufacturer.

J.B. says that he owes part of his success to the “overcome any obstacle” mindset instilled in him by the military. He also probably owes part of it to being the youngest of seven and growing up a scrappy little fighter. Still, J.B. says that he had to completely change his mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur.

“You have to… learn to appreciate the grind. Fall in love with the journey. Fall in love with the process of getting through the roadblocks. Hitting the speedbumps and not slowing down. Learn to fall in love with your life sucking for a little bit.”

A Smart & Scrappy Pre-Launch Strategy

As entrepreneurs, one of the greatest obstacles we face (especially in the beginning) is finding startup capital.

What has made BeneFIT’s success so remarkable is that J.B. and his partners did not bring in any outside capital.

How did they make it happen? By building a respectable social media following, building hype, and perfectly executing a pre-launch sale that provided them all the capital they needed to get the ball rolling.

To learn more about how J.B. and his crew pulled it off—and a lot, lot more—check out the episode now.

Sorry, TLC, we love these scrubs! And you will too after listening!

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