How To Launch A Profitable Product with Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk

There is nothing more intimidating and stressful than launching a product for the first time. Today, we’re diving back into the brass tacks of business. I’ve invited back my good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk to share his wisdom how to successfully launch a profitable product.

I see it all the time, someone launches a new product or business, they announce it one time on their Instagram account, and hope the whole world clicks the link in their bio. Sadly, this strategy almost never works and often leaves new business owners discouraged on launch day.


In today’s episode, Jeff and I are going to share what we’ve learned about six-figure product launches. But more than that, we’re going to discuss how to leverage Kickstarter as a tool to supercharge your launch. The week of this episode’s recording, Jeff launched a new modular desk organizer for his company Ugmonk and has raised almost a quarter million dollars in less than two weeks.

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Our conversation is ultra practical, it provides evergreen steps on how to launch anything well, and it’s something every business owner should always be learning about. So grab your ideas and slap on some patience because we’ve got some brilliant, but slow concepts in this episode of the StartupCamp.com Podcast.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an interesting interview with Ugmonk founder, Jeff Sheldon. I love the principle of “Less, but better” and absolutely see how it would be beneficial for maintaining a focus on quality in a commercial world that desires quantity.


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