How To Launch A Profitable Creative Company in 90 Days

Mike Jones is one of those people who does what they say. While he may struggle with the common addiction to ideas like most of us entrepreneurs, Mike has the rare ability to execute. And execute at the sound of almost $1,000,000 in total revenue.


Mike is the founder of Mo-Graph Mentor, a leading online school for motion graphic artists. Coming from a history of freelancing, Mike saw the need for affordable schooling for the ever-growing industry of digital media and planted his flag deep into the ground.

At $6,000 per tuition his 150 students are not only learning from the top animators in the industry, but they’re being recruited by prominent clients and agencies across the globe.

In our conversation today, Mike discusses the realities of launching a creative company and how to overcome the unique hurdles only found in this industry. Mike also share the innermost details of his father’s sudden death and how he balanced work, family, and relationships in the midst of the storm.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Interview:

  • Mike’s unique childhood and how it prepared him for entrepreneurship
  • How to launch a profitable creative company
  • How to keep your dream alive in the face of a hard circumstance
  • What novice entrepreneurs must know about sales videos
  • Great reads, quotes, and stories from Mike’s journey

Mike is going on his third year as an entrepreneur and experiencing the gift that comes with solving a problem you truly care for. You can find out more about Mike and his company below.

More About Mike

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  1. Veronica Ramirez says:

    Powerful and heart felt testimony! I feel so blessed beyond words to be the recipient of your generosity, wisdom, experience and your strong convictions about marriage and family. My husband and I have been greatly impacted by the summit last year and this 12 month program along with your books, posts, and podcasts.
    Thank you!
    Veronica R

  2. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. You asked some great and interesting questions and some really good points of view were given. I appreciated Mikes honesty and openness when answering. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. I just bought your book a few weeks ago, People Over Profit (listened to your interview on the EntreLeader podcast)… knew nothing about you, other than that podcast, but I HAD to have that book. That is exactly the type of company I want to grow. Just me right now, so I found you at the right time. I loved this episode, also, immediately went and followed this dude. Although I’m not in the market for video training, I know people who are!!

  4. Awatif Bentahar says:

    Very cool podcast, full of sincerity and truth. Making this parallel between both professional and personal experiences helps a lot. It reminds us that they don’t live in isolation from each other and that successful entrepreneurs are not just “work machines”.

  5. Justin says:

    Great episode, I was actually thinking of starting a business similar to this. Good to know it works and there are still great pioneers out there! This was my first listen, I found yall on pintrest of all places. Can’t wait to hear more.
    From Texas with Love,


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