Burning your ships (How to launch a minimum viable product) – Hovhannes Zirekyants

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How you can use an all-or-nothing approach in your business

When Hovhannes “Hov” Zirekyants arrived in the States at fifteen, he couldn’t speak English. But he was a pro at saving money. Knowing he wanted to start a business, he worked as a private client banker until an unshakeable idea overtook him: what if he could develop an app that would help people turn their dreams into reality?

That’s when Savely was born.

Savely helps people break down the costs of a large goal and save weekly to meet that figure. As Hov prepares to launch his app, he outlines the struggles he faced after leaving his corporate job and the lessons he learned jumping feet-first into entrepreneurialism.

“Money is the easiest quantifiable way of seeing progress.”

So many people have big ideas, but they never act on them. Hov doesn’t want people to have major regrets. His experience as a private client banker taught him that people have trouble putting away money, whether it’s to start a business, take a trip, or to buy a house. Seeking to solve his clients’ problem, Hov developed the Savely app to create a stress-free way to calculate the costs and saving milestones for a larger goal.

“Just put something out there for people.”

If Hov had to do it all over again, he would have launched sooner. In his quest to tweak everything to get it just right, he has delayed his launch several times. In this episode, Hov explains how to launch a minimum viable product from the get-go to generate revenue and real consumer feedback.

“If the ships are burned, and there’s no alternative, you’re going to fight harder.”

Hov is not a fan of the expression, “don’t burn your bridges.” He actually prefers the mantra, “burn your ships”. He references the Spanish conquest of Mexico, wherein the infamous conqueror Hernán Cortés burned his own ships so that his men would fight the enemy or die trying. He applies this philosophy to his business to ensure he works hard to achieve his goals.

If you want to learn how to turn your biggest dreams into a series of actionable steps, you’ll love our conversation with Hov, a truly courageous entrepreneur who is making good on the American dream.

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