How to discover what you stand for—and communicate it to the world with Brian Burkhart

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 How to discover what you stand for—and communicate it to the world.


He’s helped successful Shark Tank pitchers, TED talk speakers, and $100,000 winning Tech Week presenters refine and nail their message. And it all started with a love of public speaking and connecting directly with people in the audience. Brian Burkhart is the author of Stand for Something, and is here to talk about the nitty-gritty of communication and clarity of purpose behind your budding brand.

Your actions are dictated by your beliefs, Brian says, and the best brands communicate what they stand for. He pulls no punches here—it’s not easy to uncover what you stand for. Fortunately, in our conversation today, he shares some insights to make the journey a little smoother. Discover the mic-drop question that will help you think deeply about your company’s beliefs, why conviction and connection are the two most important elements of public speaking, and a discussion on being secure and insecure in the entrepreneurship world. It doesn’t matter if public speaking is a large part of your business. Mastering communication, or at least improving your skills, will help connect you with people who will believe in your brand. Listen now.



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