Helping the Homeowner by Buying Delinquent Mortgages with Paul Birkett

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 Helping the Homeowner by Buying Delinquent Mortgages with Paul Birkett


While working for Pepsi Co in Ireland, Paul Birkett came to Florida for a conference and discovered a magazine in the hotel lobby that advertised homes for $100K or less. That led him (literally) on the road to buying over thirty rental homes and then, eventually, to buying nearly $20 million in mortgages.

The model for buying delinquent mortgages often involved removing the homeowners and flipping the house, but Paul imagined a more humane business. He realized there was an opportunity to make money and help people keep their homes.

That’s what his company Automation Finance is about.

Discover Paul’s winding road of a story, the challenges of convincing people he’s there to help, and what you can do if you are unable to pay your mortgage.

Listen now.

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