How To Grow Your Dream By Studying Giants with Jody Dreyer

In this new marketplace, it’s easy to focus our attention on companies who are new and innovative while throwing large established companies to the side. But in today’s conversation, we’re talking to a 30-year veteran of one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Today’s guest is Jody Dreyer a 30-year veteran at Disney. In a world where few people stay at the same company for longer than two years, Jody shares what she learned in her 22 different positions with Disney. From intern to Senior Vice President her experience, insight, and wisdom will offer a variety of useful concepts to consider for your business.

Our conversation focuses on her new book: “Beyond The Castle: A Guide To Discovering Your Happily Ever After. Jody’s personality is contagious, joyful, and full of fun. So grab your favorite Disney memory from childhood and combine that with your business brain because we’ve got a magical show here on the StartupCamp.com podcast.

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