The StartupCamp Podcast with Graham and Shay Cochrane

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The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
The StartupCamp Podcast with Graham and Shay Cochrane

Graham and Shay Cochrane

This is a special episode for you—we have a husband and wife who run two different businesses, all while raising two children at home.

Meet Graham Cochrane. All he wanted to do was be a rock star. But when it came down to paying for recording time in a studio and buying his own equipment, he opted for the latter, and began a winding career of audio recording and production that led to him selling courses, teaching his technical know-how.

His better half is Shay Cochrane. She’s always been a driven entrepreneur. She created SocialSquares, a styled stock photography membership for female entrepreneurs. But the platform wasn’t always how it looks today.

In this joint episode, discover the pitfalls of making assumptions, the importance of email marketing, the pros and cons of running Facebook ads, when to pivot and innovate, and why it’s critical to hire people who are smarter than you. Listen now.


Chris Graebe


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