How To Go From Hurt and Ineffective To Healed and Unstoppable with Mike Foster

Have you ever felt your past brokenness is preventing you from future success? Maybe you had a traumatic moment that scarred your mind and limited your potential. Today’s guest can not only relate but provides a difficult, yet clear path to healing.

Mike Foster is a professional anti-perfectionist. He’s here to discuss his new book People Of The Second Chance: A Guide For Bringing Life Saving Love To The World. But Mike is more than an author. He’s am expert at removing guilt, shame, unhealthy thinking, and unresolved brokenness.


During our conversation, he shares traumatic stories from his book that had once shaped his emotional worldview. But more than that, he eloquently reminds listeners how every person you fight with, disagree with, laugh with or love is an opportunity to shape who you are.


Beyond books, he’s a consultant to high-performance leaders, speaker on stages across the world, and a dear friend of mine for many years. Our conversation will hit you straight in the heart. The truth bombs and one-liners will have you writing notes, and the overall message might end with you in tears.

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  1. Jen R says:

    Love your podcasts! So useful and real! Thank you for staying true to your faith in an ever changing world!

  2. Robin says:

    Censoring our story = not being free. Let your past shape your future not control it. Wow! So true. Good stuff!


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