Give and Grow with Phillip Stutts

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The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
Give and Grow with Phillip Stutts

How the election day mindset could set you apart from the competition.


Not many young people can say they’re into politics, but Phillip Stutts had the bug at an early age. He has over two decades of experience in the world of political marketing, and contributed to over twelve hundred political victories, including three presidential victories. He’s the founder of Go BIG Media and the founder/CEO of Win BIG Media, and bestselling author of Fire Them Now: 7 Lies Digital Marketers Tell.

Discover the similarities and differences between political marketing and business marketing, and how Phillip brought strategies from the political to the corporate world. In short: knowing your audience is critical. Phillip also gets personal about his health and how his “give and grow” mindset applies not only to his personal life but his business as well. Listen now.



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